About the Posters

The question of how creativity happens has been a longstanding concern for all of us at In-House. After all, it’s at the core of what we do: we make stuff. That term ‘creative’ begins to become a part of our individual identities. But it is also our job. That creative space enters our daily lives whenever we set a deadline, promise a piece, or work on a project. Every time we sit down to work on something, we’re looking into the void because, well… there’s no guarantees. You either come up with a brilliant, beautiful, witty, elegant solution, or you don’t.

There’s no real recipe. Input goes in, and eventually, most of the time, there’s output. But what happens in between? What are the connections that get made from problem to solution?

And most often, these moments of reflection come when you’re blocked. So back to the beginning: we made some posters. They’re about the realities of that liminal space where ideas happen. And about how you should remember that there’s no reason to torture yourself, because that’s simply not how good stuff comes out. So breathe. Think. Give yourself time. And if all else fails, buy a poster, put it up and remember that you’re awesome.

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